All-Natural Wood BBQ Pellets


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Lumber Jack BBQ Pellets

100% All-Natural Wood BBQ Pellets, No Fillers or Additives
Better Flavour

We leave the bark on, just like the old timers used to. Our pellets provide an unmatched true full flavour wood smoke.

More Stable Heat & Faster Heat

The smaller diameter of our pellets result in less auger jamming and a more even burn, resulting in a very stable heat source. They also ignite faster to get your grill up to temperature quickly.

Original 100% Pure Wood

The smoke flavour you are looking for and expecting is in the bark. When old timers smoked meat and fish, they did not take the bark off the wood they gathered for this reason. Therefore, all of our 100% varieties contain only pure wood with the bark left on before pelleting to achieve maximum flavour output.

Blend it Up

Blend it Up a Bit In our Blends, we start with Red Oak as a base wood and mix with flavour wood chips. The base Red Oak wood is de-barked, while the flavour wood has the bark left on for maximum flavour. Most importantly, this allows the full rich flavour of the primary wood to come through, such as Mesquite in our Mesquite blend, or Pecan in our Pecan blend.


The Smokin’ Wedgie

The Smokin’ Wedgie adds smoke to chicken, beef, pork, cheese and more! Turn any grill into a smoker. Works with gas, electric, charcoal, and pellet grills!

  • Works with any BBQ pellet Mix a few flavours for a custom smoke!
  • Holds up to 1 pound of pellets Fill halfway for less smoke, or max it out!
  • Provides 2-4+ hours of smoke Light one hole for a longer smoke, or both holes for a stronger smoke!