Grilling Sauces, Rubs & Spices

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Grilling Sauces, Rubs, and Spices

All Croix Valley products are All-Natural, Gluten-Free, contain no cholesterol, no MSG and no corn syrup. Crafted in small batches to ensure exacting standards and superior quality, please click on the sauces below to learn more about these award-winning flavors.  All sauces and marinades are packaged in 12 fluid oz. glass bottles.

Original Steak Sauce and Marinade 

Our Original recipe Steak Sauce is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy. This sauce combines the flavors of tomatoes, onions and a signature blend of spices to compliment any meat. Amazing on steaks and chicken to pork and burgers, Croix Valley Original Steak Sauce can be used as a condiment, barbecue sauce, marinade or as a key ingredient in cooking a wide variety of dishes. Made famous at our family’s steakhouse, this is the sauce that started it all!

Additional suggested uses:
  • Fantastic addition to chili.
  • Add to beef gravy for amazing flavor and depth.
  • Mix with ground beef for an amazing meatloaf.  Based on meatloaf while cooking!
  • Fantastic marinade and condiment for wild game – Makes the best venison!
  • Excellent marinade for making jerky.
  • Add to a crockpot of meatballs or cocktail wieners for an amazing appetizer.

Sweet N' Smokey BBQ Sauce 

Croix Valley’s Sweet n’ Smokey Competition BBQ Sauce is the perfect blend of sweet and heat.  This honey BBQ sauce creates a perfect glaze on your meats whether grilling or smoking and is sure to please the palettes of your family or guests.  With an expertly crafted blend of spices and seasonings, Sweet n’ Smokey pairs perfectly with grilling fare including ribs, burgers, chicken, pork, vegetables, brisket and seafood.  You can use Sweet n’ Smokey as a dipping sauce or finishing glaze and has applications in cooking only limited by your imagination.  Developed in professional BBQ competitions spanning the nation, we’ve perfected the combination of ingredients that has had teams winning over and over.

Hot 'n Spicy Sauce & Marinade

Croix Valley Hot ‘n Spicy Sauce & Marinade takes our Original recipe and kicks it up a notch. With just the right heat, you’ll taste the flavor first before the spicy finish. Superb on all meats, this sauce and marinade pairs great on ribs, wings, steak and more. As with all of our sauces, Hot ‘n Spicy can be used as a barbecue sauce, a marinade, a basting or dipping sauce or used for flavoring up a wide variety of dishes in the kitchen or on the grill.

  • Perfect for wild game including deer, elk, and waterfowl.
  • Make spicy shrimp or salmon as a marinade or glaze.

Pitmaster’s Bold BBQ Sauce 

Croix Valley’s Pitmaster’s Bold Competition Barbecue Sauce has been created for Pitmasters by Pitmasters. Combining the award-winning flavours of our Sweet ‘n Smokey blend, this sauce is elevated by the addition of bold spices to compliment true “low and slow” smoked meats. Used by competition cooks and backyard enthusiasts who appreciate a bold flavor profile, from barbecued ribs to chicken, pork and briskets, this sauce is perfect for them all!

Garlic Ginger Teriyaki BBQ
& Wing Sauce

Croix Valley’s Garlic Ginger Teriyaki BBQ and Wing Sauce is perfect for adding Asian flare to any dish.  A thicker sauce, Garlic Ginger Teriyaki lends itself well to glazing wings, shrimp and salmon.  Use this sauce to make an out of this world stir fry with fresh vegetables.  Great as a dip, finishing sauce or for basting you’ll find your taste buds thanking you for this beautiful balance of flavor.

Pineapple Habanero BBQ
& Wing Sauce

Croix Valley’s Pineapple Habanero BBQ and Wing Sauce is a premium sauce  perfect for poultry, seafood pork and more.  With the sweetness of pineapple and the fruity spice of habanero peppers, simply brush or toss your meats near the end of the cook for an amazing finishing taste!

Garlic Buffalo BBQ
& Wing Sauce

Croix Valley’s Garlic Buffalo BBQ and Wing Sauce is a premium sauce perfect for wings, pork, seafood and more.  Traditional tastes infused with bold garlic flavors make this ideal for brushing it on your meats during the cook or using it for dipping once done.

Tequila Lime BBQ &
Wing Sauce

Croix Valley’s Tequila Lime BBQ and Wing Sauce is a premium sauce perfect for poultry, seafood pork and more.  With flavors of lime and barrel-aged tequila, simply brush or toss your meats at the end of the cook for an amazing finishing taste!

Croix Valley Rubs

Croix Valley’s line of BBQ Dry Rubs are true rubs designed to create the perfect bark and impart genuine flavors to true “low and slow” smoked meats. Excellent on the smoker and grill, these rubs not only season “big meats” like brisket and pork shoulder, but are fantastic for flavor and color on ribs and poultry to burgers and steaks.  Packaged in 13 oz shakers.

Sweet Heat BBQ Dry Rub

Croix Valley Sweet Heat BBQ Dry Rub is a well balanced rub that lives up to the nomenclature by delivering simultaneous sweetness and spice.  Croix Valley’s Sweet Heat BBQ Dry Rub is designed to bring out the best flavor in true “low and slow” smoked meats.  Designed with a combination of ingredients, sugars that create a gorgeous, flavorful bark and peppers that mix in a subtle finishing heat, that elevates the flavor experience without taking it over.  Amazing on pork and poultry, the nuances of lighter meats become a superb canvass for showcasing the flavors of this rub.  Generously rub your beef, chicken, pork and more with this blend of spices.  You’ll soon discover what the art of barbecue was meant to taste like.  2015 NBBQA Awards of Excellence 1st Place Winner for All-Purpose Rub.

  • Use as a finishing rub on ribs.
  • Awesome on smoked nuts or Chex Mix.
  • Spicy chicken wings that give you a zing!-

All Meat BBQ Dry Rub

Croix Valley’s All Meat BBQ Dry Rub is designed to bring out the best flavors in true “low and slow” smoked meats. Just as the name implies, this blend of spices pairs with all meats. It’s the all-purpose rub that will help you discover what the art of barbecue was meant to taste like.  Designed to replace salt, pepper and garlic as the spices one would reach for out of the pantry, this rub is just as effective as an all purpose seasoning.  Perfect for beef, poultry, fish, lamb or wild game we have not found a protein yet this doesn’t work for.

  • Use on Chicken Wings for extra flavor
  • Cook burgers on a flat top for awesome caramelization
  • Sprinkle on veggies for an extra kick of flavor

 Cattle Drive BBQ Dry Rub

Croix Valley’s Cattle Drive BBQ Dry Rub was designed specifically with beef in mind. Designed Specifically for beef and hearty red meats, this is a blend of spices that will help you discover what the art of barbecue was meant to taste like.  This rub offers a slight sweetness balanced with a nice finishing heat but contains elements of spice that heighten red meats and wild game.  Creating an umani experience with ingredients like Worcestershire powder and natural smoke flavors Cattle Drive makes for a great out of the bottle barbecue flavor.

  • Use on burgers to enhance natural beef flavors.
  • A wonderful coating for smoking mixed nuts or chex mix.
  • Season deer and elk steaks to brighten the natural game meat experience.
  • Great BBQ Dry Rub for Brisket.
  • Create a crust on your Prime Rib that’s out of this world.

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