Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

What is needed for an estimate?

For most yards we require a copy of the real property report. This document provides the dimensions of the house and the lot. If you are looking for a simple estimate such as final grading and sod, the real property report can be emailed or faxed to us. Be sure to include all of your information, such as full name, address, phone number and brief description of the services you are requesting. When the estimate is complete we will email or fax it back to you.

What is the normal process for landscaping?

Landscaping can commence once the builder has completed the rough grade. In Spruce Grove the rough grade must also be approved by the City of Spruce Grove. We would then commence with paving stones, retaining walls, water feature installations, followed by the final grade using topsoil. Spruce Grove residents are required to have their final grades approved. Then, trees, shrubs and landscape edging can be installed. Woodchip mulch or rock would then be added to the shrub beds before finally installing the sod.

What about final grades in Spruce Grove?

Residents of Spruce Grove also require a final grade approval. The steps in obtaining this approval are the following:

  • Topsoil is installed and graded throughout the whole yard.
  • Downunder Landscaping has a Surveyor who will come out and survey the lot for Final Grade and submit it to the City of Spruce Grove.
  • A city employee will conduct a visual inspection and then let the homeowner know whether or not the final grade is approved.

Are there any permits required for landscaping?

In Stony Plain no permits are required. Spruce Grove requires a development permit for building a retaining wall. As a side note, any retaining wall over one-meter high must be engineered.

Is investing in your landscaping a good choice?

Investing in your landscape pays big dividends. Real estate experts recognize that spending money on landscaping increases the value of your property.

Do I need to fertilize my new trees and shrubs?

If it is early in the season, trees and shrubs can be fertilized to promote root growth. The key ingredient is a high middle number, such as 10-52-10 or 10-40-15. They could be fertilized every month until August. After August, we do not recommend fertilizing as the plants need to start slowing down for the approaching winter season. Plants installed late in the season can be fertilized the following spring.

How much should I be watering my new trees and shrubs?

The key is deep root watering your new plant material. This can be performed by purchasing a deep root waterer or by letting your hose trickle water out. Plants prefer to be soaked once a week as opposed to getting a little water every day. By deep root watering, the plant roots will go deeper in search of water. If only surface water is applied to a tree planted with sod around it, the plant roots will grow near the surface. It is possible to overwater and drown plants. If a plant starts to wilt, it is essential to check whether the cause is too much or too little water.

How should I take care of my new lawn?

New sod requires a lot of water. The amount of water required depends on the temperature as well as wind conditions. The lawn should be a little “squishy” when it is walked on. Try to stay off the new lawn as much as possible for the first couple of weeks so that you do not leave footprints. Do not cut your lawn for two weeks. When cutting, do not scalp the lawn by cutting it too short.

Do you recommend an irrigation system?

Irrigation systems are very beneficial. They are an automated systems that eliminates dragging the hose and sprinkler around the yard. An irrigation system is more efficient and waters at the most beneficial time of day. If interested in an irrigation system, we can recommend a competent contractor.

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